Design Goals

We plan on making this website a one-stop-shop for a Core SRD, character creation, setting creation, vehicle creation, everything we can do to make your job as either a Game Master or a Game Designer as easy as we can make it for you.

We're game and setting designers as well, so the easier this site makes it for us, we hope it makes it easier for you as well.

Stay tuned for more News Announcements!


We're currently working on:

  • Setting Creator

    Each step here builds upon the last step. The further down on the list requires more of the above to be completed, so this is a pretty general in-order checklist of what we need to complete the setting creator.

    Items struck-through are initially completed, but we may have to revisit to add more features or bugfixes.

    • Basic Setting information
    • Attribute and Skill Creation/Selection
    • Advantage Creation/Selection
    • Disadvantages Creation/Selection
    • Special Ability Creation/Selection
      • SRD Special Abilities
      • Special Ability Enhancements
        • Enhancements
        • Limitations
    • Species Creator
    • Equipment Creator
      • Equipment
      • Weapons
      • Armor
    • Template Creator
    • Spell/Miracle/Power Creator
    • Easy setup wizards for a new campaign (creating a new setting per genre so which you may adjust later)
    • Somewhere during all this once the data model has settled we'll add the ability for folks to create, save, and share their own items above (all of them!).
  • Character Creator
    As soon as the basis for characters is mostly finished (somewhere just after the Template creator), the "easy" part of the actual character creator will begin. Once we've got this started, things get really exciting!