About OpenD6?

OpenD6 is a free online set of tools for the OpenD6 Role Playing System in an abandoned attempt to fill the void of the anticipated "OpenD6 website portal and workstation" mentioned above.

Pardon our Mess

As of mid December 2021, we're currently rebranding and refocusing from an abandoned attempt at a whole new system, but decided to return to working on, standardizing, and expanding upon OpenD6's amazing legacy.

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Why should I play OpenD6?

Despite its age OpenD6 has many "modern" and pioneering aspects such as Fate Points, narrative aspects to dice rolls and many other features. Best of all, you probably have everything you need to play OpenD6 right now! OpenD6 uses no special dice other than standard six sided boardgame dice.

Is it really free?

Yes! You can download the PDFs for ALL the original books legally at here or here.