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What is OpenD6?

Ahead of its time and timeless.

The D6 System is a role-playing game system published by West End Games (WEG) and licensees. While the system is primarily intended for pen-and-paper role-playing games, variations of the system have also been used in live action role-playing games and miniature battle games. The system is named after the 6-sided die, which is used in every roll required by the system.

In August 2009, West End Games released most of the 51000 series of D6 book with attached OGL license officially classifying them and the D6 System as Open under the OGL v1.0. This re-release was in anticipation for a formal launch of the OpenD6 website portal and workstation, meant to aid publishers and players alike in creating, archiving, and searching the wealth of D6 rules and variants.

Source: Wikipedia

What is OpenD6.net?

Doing our best to make your games easier!

OpenD6 is a free online set of tools for the OpenD6 Role Playing System in an abandoned attempt to fill the void of the anticipated "OpenD6 website portal and workstation" mentioned above.

Pardon our Mess

As of mid December 2021, we're currently rebranding and refocusing from an abandoned attempt at a whole new system, but decided to return to working on, standardizing, and expanding upon OpenD6's amazing legacy.