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Why register? Well, you don't need to register to use the awesome tools and access the SRDs (System Reference Documents), but if you do you'll open up a whole set of tools for creating your own setting, and even tools that'll help you make your own OpenD6 book or supplement.

  • Is registration free? Yep! In the future there might be an advanced, paid for subscription which will open up even more opportunities!
  • Registered users will be able to create, save, and share their creations at OpenD6. Don't worry you can still save your creations in an open format on your computer and upload to modify later if you don't want to register. We're trying to make everything easy and open.

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We don't want your password. Heck we don't even want your email address, but we need some sort of authentication of who you are we've got to verify that you're you somehow.

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If you ever get an email from us or anyone pertaining to us asking for your password, it's not us! Don't send them your password.. Never sending your password is always a good policy.

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